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Human Resources / General Affairs Dep. Chief

I am responsible for supervising and promoting safety in the company, monitoring compliance with legal safety and environmental requirements, managing staff benefits such as calculation and payment of wages, updating and applying the current benefit policies, managing the training and promoting a comfortable working environment in Neturen Mexico.

Neturen is a Japanese Company that provides worker with opportunity in a climate of individual responsibility, where there is a win-win situation. That the Company obtains the fulfillment of their activities and goals and the workers will be remunerated according to their own results.

I think Neturen is a workplace where there is an opportunity to grow both professionally and economically according to the time and effort workers put in their jobs. The changes have an execution time, therefore this Worker-Company investment time must be considered.

Production Control Staff

I am responsible of that the production requirements are met, coordinating the staff in charge and ensuring the quality of the parts we produce.

It is a feeling of pride because I have a great team and I thank to my companies for their efforts, they have achieved great things, although we know that there is still a long way to go.

I am grateful for being part of the Neturen family and I know that my work I do with joy and effort helps to achieve quality in all our products and to have the trust of our customers.

Production Technician

As a production technician, my duties are involve to the evaluation of manufacturing process quality, the compliance of all customer standards, and to uphold specifications with respect to important quality criteria. Additionally, one of my roles in the company is to direct, validate, and organize the production process, solving questions and providing solutions to my colleagues, creating a better work environment. Finally, I am a leader in organizing KYT to prevent accidents inside and outside the workplace. I participate as a safety team and as a firefighter in search and rescue. The best thing about working at NETUREN MEXICO is that there are many opportunities for progress.

 Quality Control Chief

My main job in Neturen is release and inspection of processed material making sure that they meet the expectations and requirements of the clients. I consider that my work is of high importance since being and being of quality is a lot of responsibility and is the last filter of the process. Excellent results should be sent to the clients.

Working in Neturen at the beginning was difficult for me as it is a small company, but over time I adapted and the work environment became more pleasant, especially being able to develop in another areas, since I am given the opportunity to exercise my skills in another departments.

I would like to do a lot to the company and it fills me with pride to belong to such an efficient work team, being aware of always work with quality at all the time with broad responsibility.

Supervisor of Maintenance Dep.

Neturen offers us the opportunity to constantly learn to grow as a professional. Every day I learn more about the machines and equipment and facilities to fulfill the requirements.

Neturen offers us the opportunity to constantly learn to grow as a professional. Every day I learn more about the machines, the equipment and the facilities to fulfill the requirements.

We are working to do our job more efficiently and helping to meet the objectives of the company.

Chief of Purchase/Accounting Dep.

Mainly, I have role in Accounting, Purchase and Logistics, also I officiate as manager of Personal and Administration Division.  Neturen Mexico is a small company, so that each of us have to assume several roles, and it’s hard off course, but we can learn a lot in this way.

The great thing of this company is the high skill of each staff and outstanding teamwork between Divisions.  When someone needs help, other staffs run to support willfully.  Each of us is indispensable and special for Neturen Mexico.

Sometimes Japanese company in Mexico can’t keep away from conflicts and/or misunderstandings by cultural differences and language gap, nevertheless, my mission is to create an excellent working atmosphere that allows all staffs to feel proud of being a part of this company and work contently.